Valentine’s Day Strawberry Fudge


I wanted to make something delicious to give to all the loves in my life in honor of Valentine’s Day. In telling my mom about this, she gently suggested that I try to follow the recipe so that it will turn out. Well mom, I tried…

I decided that strawberry fudge would be the best because it’s pretty and portable and I could make a lot of it fairly easily. Turns out almost all recipes I could find online called for strawberry frosting as one of only 2 ingredients. That definitely sounds easy, but I’m not about to use some processed can of frosting. I did manage to find one from-scratch recipe from About but there were a couple issues:
1) It wanted you to coat the top and bottom with chocolate. I was not planning to do this – would that be a problem?
2) It said to use a candy thermometer which I had every intention of buying, but then forgot. Obviously fudge has existed since before the days of candy thermometers (I think?) so I should be able to work around it… At least someone with more candy experience would be able to. Right. Well, let’s try!

Mix together:
– 3c sugar
– 1/3c water
– 1/2c cream
– 1/4tsp salt
Stir over medium heat until the sugar dissolves and the temperature reaches 230*f (which I decided was the same as when you drop a bit of it into ice water and it stays together in a squishy ball?)

Add in:
– 1/2c strawberry preserves (or actually what I got said it was strawberry conserve?)
– 2tbsp butter
– 1tbsp lemon juice
Continue to stir this until it reaches 238*f (which I decided was after it reached boiling for a minute and hung together in a little ball when dropped in ice water. I may have been premature on this, but the boiling scared me a little. What is the boiling point of strawberry fudge??)

Let the whole thing sit for a while (they say 20min) and then stir it for a very long while until it turns opaque, starts to thicken, and starts to lose its gloss (Very specific instructions, About, thank you! Maybe you could do that with the candy temp part in the future. And for the record, all these things happened, so…)

Pour the fudge into a prepared pan. Mine was just greased with butter, they said to grease a tinfoil-lined pan

Decorate it if you want. I tried to do the whole cheesecake stripe thing, with limited success

Let it sit for hours, or overnight like I did.

At this point they say to put chocolate on one side and then the other. My plan was to just cut it into squares, or maybe hearts. But when I tried to cut it it was way too soft and sticky. Well sugar! (Haha). Ok what to do? I can’t A) be stuck with this stuff and B) have nothing to give people. I think the best thing would have been to make little chocolate cups and fill them with the fudge, but there’s no time for that.

I decided to make them into balls and roll them in cocoa and make them into little waxed-paper packages. This worked – they’re a little soft so they didn’t really hold their shape, especially in transit, but they did keep from sticking together and became giveable. The real problem is that now they look like chocolate but taste like strawberry. Oh well – I just had to explain. But I think you could coat them in something else like powdered sugar or white cocoa (do they make that?) and then it would be fine. They are totally delicious!

Anyway, consensus on what I did wrong? I think probably I didn’t get the candy hot enough. And since this fudge was meant to me stabilized by chocolate I’m sure that would have helped too. Sigh.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!