Layered Salad

Another Food and Wine salad, this one totally bastardized and potentially not as good as the original, but a fun one to play with.

Basic concept is layering a bunch of stuff, including a mix of cooked and raw veggies, and a protein, and topping it with a yogurt dressing that has herbs in it.

Here were my layers:
– Oil-packed tuna (instead of rotisserie chicken)
– Fresh red pepper (instead of roasted)
– Avocado, tomato (as called for)
– Sautéed mushrooms and fresh cucumber (not called for)
– Cilantro (instead of a mix of herbs)
And my dressing:
– Greek yogurt
– Fresh cilantro (they said dill – no thank you)
– Dried coriander
– Cumin
– Salt and pepper
– Water

The result was good, but it lacked cohesion. My friend said it seemed like a Niçoise that was missing a bunch of stuff. I think probably the tuna instead of the chicken was the big one, and I don’t think I put enough cumin in the dressing. But it was still really good, and easy, and pretty!!