Tamari Lime Tunafish

There are all these recipes out there that call for fresh tuna, but sometimes all I have is canned! Like today I found this recipe for Spicy Tuna Avocado Ceviche from The Perfect Pantry that looks delicious and also clearly calls for fresh, sushi-grade tuna. Well I decided to make it anyway.

I mixed juice from half a lime with ~1tsp tamari, a large pinch of salt, and some heavy shakes of paprika and cayenne (I didn’t have sambal oelek [aka red pepper sauce]). Then I added in a can of solid tuna, and about half an avocado. I also added in some pine nuts (it called for scallions and cilantro, which I didn’t have, so this was the obvious substitution…?). Then I served it on my latest obsession in gluten-free bread: Exotic Black Rice Bread from Food for Life.

So, I know my presentation could use some work, and it’s definitely no ceviche! But it was quite delicious, and a nice departure from classic tuna.