Goat Cheese Pizza with Sweet Potatoes and Beets

I had thrown all these sweet potatoes and beets in the oven to roast when I made the Savory French Toast (you know, multitasking) and then wanted to make dinner out of them.

I found a recipe through Yankee for a sweet potato, beet galette that also called for goat cheese and thyme. A galette seemed a little more involved than I was intending, so I decided to just put all the ingredients on a pizza.

I got some ready-to-bake crusts, coated the top with olive oil, crumbled on the goat cheese, thyme, and salt, and then topped with sliced beets and sweet potato.

Truth be told, it could have used more of a sauce or base. My friend suggested pesto, which I think would have been delicious. I was even just thinking mix the goat cheese with something, like a milk or cream, mixing in the thyme and some garlic or something, and just spreading that over the whole thing. But as it was, it was still pretty good, and we definitely devoured it!!