Sun-dried Tomato Sauce with Tahini

I’m moving this weekend (my own kitchen!!!) and so didn’t want to buy anything new, and honestly I was feeling lazy and wanted to make something quick and easy.

In my fridge/cupboard I had:
Half a bag of gluten-free pasta
A jar of sun-dried tomatoes, packed in olive oil
A few toasted pine nuts
And a small onion
I decided to make a pasta sauce. I couldn’t find anything online that resembled what I was after, so I just winged it.

I sautéed the onion and then blended it with a handful of sun-dried tomatoes and a spoonful of tahini. Honestly, the tahini flavor didn’t blend super well with the others, but I didn’t use that much and the sun-dried tomato flavor is so strong that it pretty much covered it up. At the end of the day, I think the tahini just helped with texture – made it more creamy.

I sprinkled the pine nuts on top, along with salt and pepper. I wish I’d still had some parsley because I think that would have added (especially to my pictures, haha!) but as it was, it was pretty good!!