Pumpkin Quinoa Porridge


This kind of worked… I got this from a Whole Foods recipe, and I basically followed it – except that I used quinoa instead of brown rice (it’s what I had, and it’s better for you) and I used a whole can of pumpkin for a half recipe (1 cup of quinoa, half and onion), and then just added 2 and a bit cups of water.

The end result had kind of a weird after-taste which I finally attributed to the bay leaves. I haven’t cooked much with bay leaves, I just think of them as something you put in soup or stew and it makes it taste better, although I’m not sure exactly how. But this it did not make taste better – not sure if it was the combination with the quinoa flavor or what, but not my favorite.

I covered it up pretty well with nutmeg and dried unsweetened cherries and it ended up being pretty ok, but if you make this for yourself I would definitely omit the bay leaves!

This recipe makes a great breakfast porridge, or it would be an amazing side dish with something like grilled chicken.