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Cinnamon Apple Chips

It’s holiday-party time and I wanted at least one thing I made to be relatively healthy. I found this recipe from Munchin with Munchkin on Gojee, and they were perfect! – Slice apples… Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Dip

I saw this recipe for pumpkin pie dip from Shugary Sweets which calls for a bunch of crap, like cool whip, but I thought the concept sounded interesting, and I had leftover pumpkin… Continue reading

Sugared Cranberries

I wanted to bring something to thanksgiving (in addition to brûléed bourbon pumpkin pie – see tomorrow’s post) and I found this incredibly festive recipe for sugared cranberries. They are so pretty it’s… Continue reading

Halloween Five-Layer Dip

Halloween is my favorite holiday. This themed dip from Stylishly Ever After is super easy to make, and you could easily apply the concept to really anything. Start by making the dip layers:… Continue reading

Guest Post: Spinach and Fire-Roasted Tomato Muffins

Listen, we all have mixed feelings about Facebook (unless you’re 14) but without it we wouldn’t have this fabulous recipe, because today’s guest-poster is a friend-of-a-friend-from-college who heeded my “help I’m going out… Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Something about traveling and conferences and being at the mercy of other people for food had been making me really crave baked goods, and I had the end of a bag of chocolate… Continue reading

Banana Nut Muffins with Coconut Flour

I had some bananas that were dying, which apparently is important for banana baked goods, so I decided to make More muffins for my trip (I called ahead and the hotel room has… Continue reading

Sun-dried Tomato and Ginger Deviled Eggs

I was making soft-boiled eggs, but then I forgot about them and they became hard. Not as delicious on their own, but perfect for deviled eggs! I wanted to do something different. I… Continue reading

Cauliflower Tater Tots

Cauliflower tends to make a decent substitute for potatoes in things, so what about making tater tots? This was another genius idea of my friend Rebecca, and she found this recipe from Make… Continue reading

Smoothie Pops

It’s summer, it’s hot, let’s freeze as many things as possible! I decided I wanted to freeze Greek yogurt because frozen Greek yogurt is delicious and I thought it would make a delicious… Continue reading